About Us

How we started

Noble Gentlemen was founded in 2007. Our original vision was to grow the market of contemporary mens streetwear and fashion. Fashion for men has always been overshadowed and underrepresented compared to its female counterpart. The founders wanted to change this and took the opportunity to grow the depleted market for mens fashion. 


Noble Gentleman NYC Office

Where we are now

Times have changed and so have we. Currently, we represent top tier brands from all over the world for both men and women. Shedding light on underrepresented brands, in order to bring our customers a collective shopping experience focused on fashion, function and sustainability.  We have 3 retail locations located around the world, a head office in Vancouver BC and an eCommerce website allowing customers everywhere access to the best in fashion, traditionally only offered in retail stores. We are your solution for all things fashion. 


Noble Gentleman NYC Office