Coming Soon - Deus Ex Machina

Coming Soon - Deus Ex Machina

Noble Gentlemen is excited to expand our offering of Deus Ex Machina for the Spring/Summer 2022 season. A highly sought-after lifestyle and culture brand, Deus is a celebration of global creativity, leisure, and innovation. 

Founded in Australia in 2006, Deus was started as an homage to the budding custom motorcycle scene sweeping the country at the time. Soon thereafter, the Deus team realized that the brand's true essence extended far beyond motorcycle culture - it was the embodiment of passion and fun in all its various forms. Deus has since embraced surf, skateboarding, outdoor leisure, and virtually any other activity humans engage with in the pursuit of fun.

Now emerging as a global "it" brand, Deus has flagship locations in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Cape Town, France, and Madrid.

As part of our expanded offering, Noble Gentlemen will be carrying a wide range of selects from the Deus' SS2022 collection including tops, bottoms, bags, outerwear, and accessories. 

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