Ksubi Denim Showdown

Ksubi Denim Showdown

The Great Ksubi Denim Fit-Off: Chitch vs. Van Winkle vs. Antik vs. Maxx

Fits, fits, fits. Browsing denim can seem daunting for a number of reasons, but one thing that doesn't exactly help is the fact that every brand has their own fits with their own names and intricacies. In hopes of settling any confusion once and for all, we've put four of Ksubi's most popular men's fits to the test in a head-to-head denim fit off. Let's see who comes out on top.

Chitch - The Chitch fit features a mid-long rise, a slim fit, and a full length. These jeans are slimmer without being overly skinny. A perfect compromise for those who like to dress up and down, this fit looks great with a clean pair of classic sneakers like AF-1s or pair of Jordans.

Van Winkle - If you want skinny, The Van Winkle has you covered. This style features a mid rise, a skinny fit, and a full length. These jeans are perfect for those who want that timeless punk look. Despite its more niche fit, the Van Winkle is super versatile; it can easily be paired with lower-profile sneakers, boots, or even dress shoes.

Antik - The Antik fit features a mid rise, straight fit, and a full length. These jeans are a classic, timeless style that will never go out of fashion. Not too slim, but also not overly wide, the Antik is a staple fit that will undoubtedly look good whatever the fashion forecast dictates.

Maxx - The Maxx is a more contemporary fit that embraces the seemingly ever-widening of today's pant hems. This style features a mid rise, an extra wide straight fit, and a full length. These jeans are for those who want to make a statement. If you're looking to wear chunkier, bolder footwear (think Balenciaga Defenders or Rick Owens Ramones), The Maxx is for you. 

    So, who comes out on top in the Ksubi denim fit-off? We truly hate to pull the bait and switch, but it really all depends on your personal style and preferences. If you want a fitted look, go for the Chitch. If you want skinny, try the Van Winkle. If you prefer a timeless streetwear silhouette, the Antik is for you. And if you want to make a bolder statement with something more contemporary, go for the Maxx. No matter which fit you choose, you'll be getting a high-quality, unique pair of jeans from Ksubi.