About Us

How It Started

Noble Gentlemen was founded in 2007 by two brothers with a vision to advance the small market of contemporary mens streetwear and fashion. At the time, men's fashion was often an afterthought when it came to retail environments' merchandising assortments. Coming from a marketing background, the Gents decided to embark on a journey to find progressive, groundbreaking brands, and telling their stories through authentic cultural experiences, innovative retail savvy, and cohesive social media strategies.


Noble Gentleman NYC Office


They had partnered with other brands in areas such as Australia, Denmark and the US and worked as a cohesive international team to bring these brands to light. The ideology of a team is very core to the concept of a Noble Gentleman and their goal was to streamline the experience and to create the team.


Noble Gentleman NYC Office

Where It's Going

Noble Gentlemen now has offices and support in Vancouver, Toronto, LA and NYC. We appreciate you taking the time to see what NGT is about and we hope to connect with you soon.

‘Sift the Sand , Keep the Gold’


Nobel Gentleman Vancouver Office