An elevated, limited edition offering from the ZANEROBE creative collective. An un-compromising, self-indulgent brand with definitive design vision.

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The premium menswear label ZANEROBE was created by Leith Testoni and Jonathan Yeo in Sydney, Australia in 2002.  The brand has rapidly expanded worldwide, endorsed by the pinnacle of boutiques and department stores. Today the name has become synonymous with strength and masculinity and their ranges are well known internationally for their quality workmanship and clever, bold designs.


NEUW Jeans

NEUW Denim is Jeans heaven. In Belgium in 2005, Par Lundqvist had a vision to start his own brand, built on the concept of VINTAGE REVISION – the process of adapting and improving vintage jeans to make them more modern and fit better. Neuw pays homage to the heritage of denim. The range is carefully crafted and created with a respect to traditional garment construction, adapting these age old techniques to develop modern fits and finishes.

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Based on the idea of making a modern and affordable version of the classic quality raincoat, we made the first rain jacket during the fall of 2011. The concept was meant to be simple and easy to understand, which lead to the name: RAINS. The story of RAINS is short in time, but long enough to conclude, that the idea of modern rainwear is needed across cultures, and that motivates us to show you new ways of improving the travel through a rainy day in the nearest future.

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barney-cools copy

Based in Sydney Australia, we thrive on making rugged street-wear inspired by international street-style. Our laid-back lifestyle is summed up with the chilled phrase, ‘Poolside Etiquette’. We keep things simple. Design, swim, travel, tunes. Travel keeps us ticking, global nomads people call us. Chasing summer, living life salty and aqua-submerged. Although Sydney is home, the world is our backyard and exploring it is our favourite past time.

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